Teen "Nailed It!" Contest: All Entries Revealed - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Welcome to our first-ever Teen "Nailed It!" contest! 🎂


Teens attended an online Watch Party on July 8 to see what the baking competition is all about--then dived straight into our virtual library version!  

Contestants had a little over four weeks to recreate the official recipe at home, fitting in with the Summer Library Program's fantasy theme: a dragon cake!  This summer the "taste" category is off the table (😭), so this year's judges--the entire Bellevue Public Library staff--will be evaluating all entries for:

  • creativity
  • presentation
  • and who "nailed it" the most!

(Please note: contestants were not asked to include the mossy cobblestone platform in their creations.)

One winner will be announced and awarded the week of August 17-21--so be sure to check back here to see which entry gets the glorious and honorable contest crown stamp


 👑 Contest Grand Prize: $50 gift card and a bag of SLP swag! 

Sixteen contestants entered fourteen impressive dragon cakes--and you can now see all of them  below! 🐉

Update (August 20): Click the jump below to see the contest winner!


👑 Congratulations to...AJ G.! Your dragon cake really impressed with its highly-structured wings, attention to detail, and overall presentation. You really nailed it!

And a huge round of applause for all our creative and industrious bakers--it was a real 'treat' to look at your entries! 👏 The judges had a hard time choosing just one winner and they had admiring feedback for all your cakes. You can check out the judge comments under each entry below! 



 Winner: Judge Comments (AJ G.)

  • Nice presentation and posed picture, I liked the plants in the background.  Figurine added scale and interest.  The purple heart blobs on tale were nice touch.”
  • “These wings look closest to the original.”
  • “Excellent idea [to include] the minifigure. That provides sense of scale which is fun.”
  • Such a sweet looking dragon!  It almost looks good enough to cuddle with!  Nice work!
  • “Ha! Love the little figurine and that the dragon is looking at it, possibly contemplating whether or not its name is Lunch.”
  • “Great creativity on the background and the addition of the person.”
  • “Fantastic presentation: it resembles the official contest cake the most and it looks like you really tried to make the details match the original!”
  • “I really like that you gave your dragon a friend.”
  • “Adorable expression. It looks like it’s listening to a riveting story.”
  • “I loved the colors and the detail and it looked delicious!”
  • “Good originality. I like the little person touch which made the dragon seem friendly. The cake itself was very well made, even the green grass and flower petals.” 




















Judge Comments (Abby B.)

  • Nice picture and smile.  Clean presentation and nice detail and colors.  Sweet looking dragon.”
  • “Love the presentation, so fun! The shape of the dragon is spot on! Fantastic job!”
  • He looks so cuddly! And nice sculpting of the nose.
  • Very well-done. It was difficult to choose a winner!
  • “Your dragon looks so lifelike.”
  • Such a cute cake! The big eyes remind me of Puss in Boots
  • “Good clean layout. Also a really good effort!” 





















Judge Comments (Alexandria J.)

  • “Nicest curved tail!”
  • The curved horns and ebony eyes are cute on the dragon.  The wings are reminiscent of mountain peaks and I could mistake the resting dragon as hills rising out of a silver stream.
  • “What a cute dragon!  I can tell you worked so hard on all those triangles on the tale!  Great job!”
  •   ”Love the curvature of the horns!”
  • “Overall, great looking dragon!”
  • “Your dragon looks very whimsical.”
  • “It’s a happy dragon for sure and the colors are nearly perfect!”
  • “Another good effort!” 




















Judge Comments (Brianna & Chasity R.)

  • The pastel shades and purple claws are a whimsical touch.
  • “A beautiful pastel color scheme.”
  • “You did great work on this cute little dragon cake! Bravo!”
  • “The pastel colors go so nicely together.”
  • “Love the pastel colors.”
  • “I love the use of soft colors; it’s a great contrast to have a powerful dragon with pastel colors!”
  • “The polka dots make you want to hug this dragon. And great job on the toes.”
  • I like the mild colors they used and this worked well with the dragon’s eyes. I also think a lot of thought went into this creation and certainly a lot of patience because it was so well done.


Judge Comments (Emily M.)

  • Vibrant colors and the frosting looks delicious.  I can sense there is decadent chocolate involved.
  • “The most substantial-looking dragon ridges—and they’re a very lovely red.”
  • “Looks delicious.”
  • “Wow!  Look at all this hard work!  I can tell you put so much time into this cake!  Great job!”
  • “Well-done on the scales.”
  • “Sweet-looking eyes.”
  • “I love your dragon’s smile, so cute!”
  • “This little guy is definitely smiling! I love the colors Emily was able to create.”
  • This makes me want to reach into the cake and start eating!

Judge Comments (Gavin & Evan P.)

  • Vibrant colors and smooth frosting.  I love the prominent eyebrows and snout.  The dragon looks like it is ready to take wing at a moment's notice.
  • “Reminds me of the beloved internet cartoon short Trogdor the Burninator!”
  • “Super job!  I love the way you made the eyes on your dragon cake!”
  • “I love that the legs are bent like he’s about to jump up and lick you. The nose and eyebrows are also nicely sculpted.”
  • “Cute nose!”
  • “Your dragon’s claws are very cool—they look super sharp!”
  • “The eyebrows are adorable on this guy! He looks like he is contemplating taking flight.”
  • Clean and tidy presentation. I love the scales!

Judge Comments (Grace N.)

  • Sweet face and adorable eyes.  The colors are luminescent and I could see it glowing in the light of the moon.
  • “Super!  I can tell you worked hard on those amazing wings!  Great job!”
  • “Nice wings!”
  • “The dragon has a very sweet face.”
  • “Your dragon’s moon-shaped eyes look very kind.”  
  • “Such pleading eyes – it’s saying, I can’t wait to fly! The colors are very vibrant.”
  • Very well presented. The dragon seems to be saying ‘come be my friend’ instead of being fierce-looking.

Judge Comments (Josie T.)

  • Your dragon looks cuddly and delicious.  The pastel green makes me think of my favorite dinner mints.
  • “The horns are awesome!”
  • “Fantastic job on the creativity of the horns and the neat presentation of the cake!  This dragon cake is awesome!”
  • “Awww, he looks a little sad from this angle, with his wings folded in. Love the cutesy tiny feet and the twirled horns. He’s beeeeauuutiful!”
  • “Absolutely loved the extra details on his horns.”
  • “Cleanest, neatest, and most professional looking.”
  • “I think your dragon looks like they would make an awesome sidekick in a movie!”
  • “Love the horns! And the eyes are fantastic.”
  • “Well-made creation!” 

Judge Comments (Lily W.)

  • The flame is a super cute touch and your dragon looks sweetly surprised (versus scary).
  • “I liked the addition of the candles in the mouth. And also the sheen of the dragon skin because it looks appetizing and is probably good with ice cream. TBH the legs of the original dragon cake look strange; this looks much better.”
  • “I love the creativity of the tail!  Your decorating skills are great! Nice work!”
  • “Ha ha ha ha ha! Style points for getting him to breathe fire!”
  • “Neat idea to have him breathing fire.”
  • “I like the fire-breathing element.”
  • “Your use of a candle is really clever!”
  • “The rounded “spikes” down his back give him a friendly look. His eyes are saying, tell me a story please!”
  • “Very original. I like that a flame was used to emphasize the dragon breathing fire.”  
Special Feature:
Lily shared some great videos of her cake creation process!



Judge Comments (Lindsey W.)

  • Your presentation is beautiful and detailed.  The bricks add a great foundation. Your dragon seems poised to spring and leap up.  Nice colors!”
  • “Nice addition of the brick!”
  • “Wow!  Fantastic job on all that creativity!  I can tell you put in a lot of work!”
  • “Awww, hi, baby, you just woke up from a nap and now you want to play! He has a lot of body expression!”
  • “Overall, he was just very cute!”
  • “Great detail work on the brick.”
  • “That red brick was done very well and really made your dragon standout!”
  • “’Just a baby dragon, resting on this brick walk. Nothing to see here.’ Great job!”
  • “Good detail and colors! I thought it looked almost lifelike!”
  • “I like the tiles that were used because it made the whole creation pop.”

Judge Comments (Melina T.)

  • Winsome colors and verdant ground evokes the dragon rising from the underground.  Sharp red spine nice contrast.  The flaming nostrils are nice, spooky touch.
  • “Great job on your dragon cake!  You did a super job on that tail…so much work, turned out fantastic!”
  • “Really nicely done on the round scales! And the fire—ha ha ha ha ha ha! Right out of the nose!”
  • “Innovative use of fire!”
  • “I like the fire-breathing element.”
  • “Your dragon’s spikes are fierce!”
  • “Adorable dragon! I love the way the fire completely changes the expression from ho-hum to rawr!”
  • “Great detail and colors. I love the pic with the candles in the dragon’s nose!”
  • “I like the fire-breathing dragon, another original creation. I also like the green grass and the vibrant colors used.”

Judge Comments (Mileena M.)

  • Nice color choices contrast well with the pale green.  The blue, orange, purple and touch of yellow as well as rounded appearance makes the dragon look sweet.”
  • Wow! You are so creative!  I love the colors on your dragon cake! I can tell you worked very hard! Looks great!
  • What cute little wings!
  • “I loved the purple spots and blue spines on the back.”
  • “I love the wings; they are so detailed and look real.”
  • Beautiful colors! This little guy looks like he could just get up and walk away.
  • “Good, clean layout and creation!”

Special Feature:

Mileena submitted her entry as a cake collage!  🤩


Judge Comments (Missa B.)

  • Beautiful smooth coat of frosting, stern visage, bold eyes and eyebrows.  Lovely contrasting colors.
  • “Very soulful eyes.”
  • “I chose this one due to the attention spent on the eyes of the dragon. Such an important detail really brings it all together. Plus, I enjoy how twisty the horns were. Excellent job.”
  • “I really like the eyes.”
  • “Your cake turned out amazing!  I just love the look on his/her face!  You are a master cake decorator! Nice work!”
  • “Nicely done on the eyes! And the scales are perfect, from the tiny ones on the tale to the larger on the back.”
  • “Very cute wings, horns, and back spines.”
  • “You did an awesome job creating your dragon’s eye, they look really good!”
  • “Great job on the legs and feet. Not an exact copy of the original but so very lifelike. You can see the muscles in his legs and his face is so animated. I love the way his eyes look focused on something in the background. His horns have a Maleficent quality to them. Spectacular job!”
  • “The best fierce-looking dragon of all the entries. Great use of color and presentation.”

Judge Comments (Sarah B.)

  • “Great picture.  Sweet and shy looking dragon, with artistic and precise decoration.  Your shirt matches well!”
  • “Such a neat cake, it turned out fantastic! Love all the details!”
  • “He’s soooo cute! But you’d better watch him—he doesn’t understand what a kitchen is, nor why he is in one. He’s both nervous and curious, so be prepared for a little dragon havoc! He’s definitely a baby dragon, and babies get into everything.”
  • “Best representation!”
  • “The colors are nearly perfect on this little guy. I love his startled expression.”
  • “Closest to the original design, and the cleanliness and layout were great.”

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